A lawmaker proposes ‘kill-switch’

MANILA, Philippines — A Philippine lawmaker is proposing a law that will require all cellphone be pre-installed with a “kill-switch” software in their units to enhance the security and privacy of their clients.

It was a similar move to the “Smartphone Anti-Theft Voluntary Commitment” of United States of America. Ang Mata’y Alagaan(AMA) party-list Representative Lorna Velasco has filed House Bill 4511, to be known as “Kill-switch Phone Security Act of 2014”. The software Kill-switch would allow telecommunication companies to remotely and permanently disables and deletes all private data stored in stolen cellular phones, that will make the gadgets worthless for future users.

The “Kill-switch Phone Security Act of 2014”was proposed by Rep. Velasco to address the growing number of incidents of breaches in security and privacy as a result of cellphone theft. The bill will require cellphone network service providers to install (or pre-install) a “kill-switch” software in their units to enhance the security and privacy of their postpaid subscribers.

“In this present age of constant change and intensive use of ever-evolving technology, it is incumbent upon us to enact laws that respond timely and appropriately to new safety and security challenges,” Velasco said.
“Undeniably, the use of mobile phones permeates the daily lives of a large portion of our country’s population. The large number of cell phones, unfortunately, gives rise to crimes involving theft and robbery thereof,” added by Velasco.

“The kill-switch software shall in no case be utilized for other purposes other than the prevention of the unauthorized use of a third party,” the bill stated.

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