Army & Navy Club to be a five-star hotel

The historic Manila Army and Navy Club along the corner of Roxas Boulevard and Kalaw Street have begun to redevelop to go with the flow to this modern time.

In September 3 the reconstruction of the historic building began as some men from Palafox started to take down some parts of the Army & Navy Club. Palafox Associates led by architect Felino Palafox was the architectural firm tapped by Oceanville Hotel and Spa Corp to convert the historic site into a boutique hotel.

The Palafox as part of plan to develop the building into a boutique hotel complied with the guidelines of National Historical Commission of the Philippines as they acquired permission from them.

However, Ivan Henares of the Heritage Conservation Society questioned the ongoing restoration of Army and Navy Club because it was a National Historical Landmark. It’s April 1991, when the Army and Navy Club building was declared by the NHCP to be a national historical landmark.

“We express concern on the ongoing work at the Army & Navy Club, a declared national historical landmark,” as stated by Henares.

“We have raised these concerns with the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, the government agency responsible for the protection of the building, and are monitoring the developments,” Henares added.

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