Ayala Land Inc. pours P75 billion in Porac

MANILA, Philippines– Property Giant Ayala Land Inc. is pouring P75 billion ($1.68 billion) over a 20-year period to transform a new community in Porac, Pampanga, as it seeks to lure homeowners and manufacturers to northern Luzon.

Alviera is a 1,100-hectare master-planned, township development in Central Luzon and Ayala Land’s first large-scale estate development in the region, done in partnership with the Leonio clans. It will comprise residential communities, industrial parks, schools, country club, and recreational facilities.
Bernard “Bobby” Dy, Ayala Land CEO, said that the project would allow the company to replicate its success in developing other large-scale communities, like the 1,800-hectare Nuvali project in Laguna province.

Dy also added that the size of the property development allows them to do what they do best.

Ayala Land vice president Anna Margarita Dy said that Alviera would provide homes to around 65,000 people, and employ 20,000 workers over the next 20 years. “We are known for large-scale, master-planned, mixed-use, and sustainable communities that become thriving economic centers in their respective regions. These growth centers serve as platforms for Ayala Land’s various product offerings, integrating into thriving communities that generate value over time,” she added.

The first phase of Alviera would be launched this month with an estimated P8 billion ($189.68-million) to be spent for the project. The initial phase will involve 207 hectares.

The Alviera Industrial Park is a 30-hectare project registered with the Philippine Economic Zone Authority and will be sold to non-polluting light industries at P15,000 ($336.90) per sq. m. Aside from Local exporters that have already shown interest, Ayala Land said that Korean and Taiwanese manufacturers are also drawn to the property,

Educational facilities will also be major component of Alviera, with two schools, Holy Angel University and Miriam College., have agreed to put up their Campus in a 10 Hectare lot.

Ayala said land cuts will range from 150 to over 1,000 square meters, with prices ranging from P10,000 to P15,000 per square meter.

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