VP Binay audio / video claims he bought the Batangas land

A taped interview by reporter Raissa Robles with Vice President Jejomar Binay circulates in the media, claiming he purchased the land, about the controversial land or hacienda in Batangas that the Senate Blue Ribbon subcommittee revealed through a witness last week.

The VP President has been dragged into the overpriced Makati City Parking Building controversy, being investigated by the subcommitee of the Senate Blue Ribbon. Binay has been denying that he owns the property in Batangas but rather leases part of it.

Because of the new revelations on his alleged corruptions during his stint as Mayor in Makati City, Binays rating plummeted in the new SWS survey. Binay’s camp reiterated that the Vice President will not entertain the invitation to appear to face his accusers at the hearing.

The Blue Ribbon subcommittee hearing is tentatively set on October 23, 2014.

Contrary to what the VP and his co-horts were releasing, Raissa Robless, the interviewer, asked, “(At 7.28 minutes of the video) Sir, yung Batangas is how many hectares?

Binay answered that he had bought it. Here’s part of the transcript of the conversation. Here’s the audio of Robles’ interview with the VP.

Binay: Lahat ng anak ko, at saka yung apo ko, second apo ko kay Abigail, yun lang ang wala dito.
( At 7.28 minutes of the video) Sir, yung Batangas is how many hectares?
Binay: Meron akong isang babuyan doon. (garbled)
Mga 10 hectares? Eleven?
Binay: Ya.
Mga around 10 hectares. Namana nyo yoon?
Binay: Binili ko.
Aaah. Ok.
Binay: Mga 3 sentimos lang yata yon. 30 pesos.
Thirty – pesos per –
Binay: Per square meter. ..
Per square meter. Sir, kasi, Sir, I can understand, Gloria Arroyo has been trying to get you for a long time. Since 2001. Parang hinuhuli na kayo. And so I also look at what the Commission on Audit is coming out with.

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