Is Philippines ready for Ebola virus?

The Ebola virus outbreak continues to instigate fear around the world, including the Philippines. After the death of Thomas Eric Duncan, Ebola patient in the United States, it has created many questions to the millions of Filipinos.

If the United States, with the best health care system in the world, was caught in surprise by the entrance of Ebola virus and the death of Duncan, how prepared is the Department of Health to handle a situation in which a possible person carrying the Ebola virus comes in the country? Though it is rare for travelers coming directly from Liberia, Sierra Leone or Guinea, the three West African countries that have been hit by the Ebola virus, there are thousands of OFW’s who probably wanted to go home.

Liberia accounted for 3,834 cases, including 2,069 deaths; Guinea has 1,199 cases, including 739 deaths; and Sierra Leone has 2,437 cases, including 623 deaths.

“There has been growing concern over the Ebola virus so the DOH has decided to gather concerned private organizations and government agencies through a summit”, Health Secretary Enrique Ona said. The DOH summit was conducted Thursday.

“Medical societies, departments and other stakeholders are asking about Ebola. Although we already have a briefer about Ebola, we think there are still many people who are lacking information about this disease,” Ona added.

Through the summit, the DOH solicited the support of participants to help the government keep the Philippines free from the virus.

Ona added that with the huge volume of Filipino migrant workers all over the world and other international travelers coming in and out of the Philippines, the DOH deems it necessary to keep the people knowledgeable on how the disease can be prevented.

Wealthy countries like the United States, Spain and Australia are already scampering on how to alleviate an outbreak of Ebola. Even the World Bank issued a warning that if the epidemic was to significantly infect people in neighboring countries, it would reach a regional financial impact of US$32.6 billion.

Is the Philippines ready for Ebola virus?

The Philippines is Ebola free as of now. However, is the country prepared for such a thing as this? Can the Philippine health care system, with limited capabilities and facilities, be able to contain the Ebola virus once an Ebola inflicted person landed in the country? Are the hospitals, doctors, and nurses ready to handle Ebola?

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