NASA-contracted rocket explodes on launch

A huge fireball appeared after an unmanned NASA-contracted rocket exploded Tuesday night in the eastern Virginia coast. The rocket contains about 500 pounds of supplies and experiments to the International Space Station.

According to NASA spokesman Jay Bolden, there was a failure on launch and there was no indicated loss of life but there was a significant damage on property and vehicle. Explosion occurred six seconds after launch. In a video, the rocket rises into the air and it’s like everything is fine. But all of a sudden the rocket drops sharply back to Earth with more flames like a big fire ball.

Now the mission control is checking the cause of explosion and it needs to maintain the area around the debris field for investigation and for security reasons too. Orbital Sciences said everyone at the launch site had been accounted for. Residents of the area were asked to call authorities in any launch debris they find and that they should not touch any of it.