Best Buy Black Friday 2014: Two women in CA camp out at the store to get the HDTV Panasonic deal

There is a famous saying that the Early bird catches the worm. That’s the case for the two women named Vicky Torres and Juanita Salas Alva of Beaumont as they already camp out outside Best Buy in Beaumont to make sure to be in the first line in the opening of the most anticipated annual shopping holiday, the Black Friday.

The two women already camp out even though it’s very early, according to CBS Las Vegas. it is two weeks ahead as the Black Friday will fall this year in November 28. Torres and Alva will spend their entire time waiting for the Thanksgiving night to come up with first come, first served to be able to get the best bargain products they can buy.

Alva of Beaumont said it is fun for her because it is a way cheaper than buying anything at regular prices. She will pursue of buying a 50-inch Panasonic HD-TV for $199.

Best Buy store manager Eric Tschudy said that the pair are a welcome pre-Thanksgiving fixture. He also said that the pair do it again in the last two years and always camp out about two to three weeks before the Black Friday.

Best Buy is will open this year at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving evening, then will close at 1 a.m., It will continue on Friday morning at 8 a.m.

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