Black Friday sales fall as stores open on Thanksgiving Day

Black Friday shoppers have thinned out while Thanksgiving Day sales have increased, according to report by Shopper Trak.

U.S. Shoppers had spent $9.1 billion at their favorite stores on Black Friday, a 7 percent drop in comparison to the same day in 2013 according to data from research firm Shopper Trak.

On the other hand, sales on Thanksgiving skyrocketed 24 percent to $3.2 billion. The two-day overall sales are expected to slip half a percent to $12.29 billion. In that figure, online transactions are excluded.

According to Shopper Trak, more shoppers avoided the crowd on Black Friday as they went to the stores on Thanksgiving Day. The customers also wanted to try avoiding time at home on Thanksgiving Day. Furthermore, many giant retailers tried to lure shoppers by opening their doors for extended hours on Thursday.

“People are changing their behavior,” said Bill Martin, Shopper Trak’s co-founder. “We’ve seen this for two years in a row now. Stores opening on Thanksgiving are simply eroding sales from Black Friday.”


One of the reasons also is the shoppers’ way of making transaction online. With the quick delivery, shoppers have the comfort to shop online.

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