Firefox drops Google for Yahoo

Firefox dumped Google as the default search engine in favor of Yahoo. After ten years of being together in the business, Firefox decided for a change.

Firefox didn’t disclose the reason behind the move of choosing Yahoo, instead of the long-time partner Google. However, the rise of Google Chrome, which is a direct competitor of Firefox, could be an assumption. Or probably, Yahoo has more offer.

Yahoo replaces Google as the default search engine for Mozilla’s Firefox Browser, according to the company’s announcement Wednesday. Yahoo remains to be in the third spot when it comes to the search engine war, behind Google and Bing.

For Yahoo, this means that more traffic would be acquired and more advertisers to be lured. There are some 100 million searches in Firefox browser every year, according to Mozilla.

Mozilla’s three year contract with Google that’s worth $1 will end this coming December. While Google has its own browser that even surpassed Firefox in the recent years, Mozilla wants to survive as a non-profit that relies on revenues from search.

The current five-year contract with Yahoo and Mozilla will significantly impact Yahoo. CEO Marissa Mayer has been aggressive in focusing on the search. She called it “a key growth area for us”.

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