Radioshack Black Friday 2014 leaked Ads: $0 Samsung Galaxy S5 lures consumers

Radioshack released its great & awesome deals on Black Friday. The eye-catching deals are available on first page of its ads. The store offers   Samsung Galaxy S5 with $0 down in a two-year contract.

The  Galaxy S5 is the flagship smartphone of Samsung that competes with iPhone at the high-end of smartphones. While other stores offer the same item at $1 and even 1 cent, Radioshack beats them with $0 down.

While it is $0 down in a two-year plan, the Galaxy S5 is available for $699.99 – $799.99 unactivated. Radioshack wants to compete and to provide the best deal for its customers.

Radioshack offers also the $49.99 Nobis 7″ 8GB Tablet with matching case. The tablet features dual cameras. With a remarkable cheap price, the Nobis Quad-Core tablet would be a great catch.

The RC Drone with video camera could be attractive with the price of only $34.99. This is chance for the shoppers to have the RC drone only at Radioshack. The camera is built-in.

The opening hour of Radioshack store is at 8:00AM on Thanksgiving Day

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