NCAA Football Playoff Rankings released: Ohio State Buckeyes are in

The NCAA college football playoff committee released the final rankings on Sunday. Alabama stayed at No. 1 while Oregon at No. 2. Florida State jumped into third place while Ohio State entered as the fourth place.

Alabama will take Ohio State and Oregon will face Florida State in the first ever college football playoff.

The NCAA Football Playoff Final Rankings is to be released by the selection committee on Sunday at 12:30 PM ET. The college football world awaits the four teams which are chosen to play for the first college football playoff to determine the best top two teams in the country.

The undefeated Florida State Seminoles are expected to be selected because of their status, the only team in the Power Five Conference to do that. Again, the Seminoles won against Georgia Tech 37-35 in the ACC Championship Game on Saturday.

Alabama also is certain about the college football playoff selection committee. Being in the strongest conference, Alabama defeated No. 16 Missouri by 16 points in the SEC championship Game. Alabama also ranked No. 1 on the College football playoff rankings last Tuesday.

Oregon football overwhelmed No. 7 Arizona by 38 points to clinch a spot in the NCAA football playoff. The Ducks showed the high-octane offense that trampled the defense of Arizona.

There’s no doubt that the three teams namely, Alabama, Florida State and Oregon are booked in the NCAA football playoff. However, the fourth team remains to be a mystery. Ohio State, Baylor and TCU are fighting for the last spot in the Final Four of the NCAA football playoff.

Though spectators are giving the benefits of the doubt to the Buckeyes because of winning the Big Ten Conference against Wisconsin in a 59-0 dominating fashion, TCU ranked third this week. Will the Buckeyes be able to bump the Horned Frogs? How about Baylor’s win over No. 9 Kansas State, 38-27?

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