Super Bowl 2015 Commercial: Jurassic Park trailer leaked online ahead of Super Bowl

The Super Bowl event will also witness one good news for movie goers. Second trailer of Jurassic World will be released on the day. However, a leaked footage is already circulating online.

The first trailer of the movie gave a very brief glimpse of all new hybrid dinosaur and this new one reveals more about it called Indominus Rex. A Reddit user has shared a video and claims it to be the second trailer of Jurassic World.

Indominus Rex is bigger than Tyrannosaurus Rex.

In this leaked trailer Indominus Rex is seen together with Velociraptors and lead stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.

“Welcome to Jurassic World” is heard in the opening footage showing gyrosphere. In the next scene Pratt is seen saying to co-star Howard, “It’s like taking a stroll through the woods.”

However, the footage posted on Reddit by a user does not look like final cut of new trailer that will be released in the Super Bowl event. The video in fact looks like a collection of scenes that is to be featured in the advertisement.

The leaked video is no more available at the location where it was seen by many fans. It is reported Paramount Studios have taken it down, but surely fans were satisfied with what they saw.

One of the Reddit users commented that Jurassic Park as well as the theme park happening are believable but genetically engineering a stupidity huge monster is not.

Meanwhile, it is learned scientists are not happy with the representation of the dinosaurs in the movie though fans find it to be impressive. If believed to an article in The National Geographic, paleontologist Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. from University of Maryland in College Park said he is disappointed with the look of dinosaurs in the movie.

He said, “Yes, we know ‘it’s only a movie but ‘Jurassic Park’ has a cachet that it borrows from science that is a lot different from ‘Land of the Lost’ or ‘Godzilla.'”

The National Geographic adds that experts believe there are several inadequacies in Jurassic World incluing out-of-date dinosaurs and cliched plot.

Holtz added further that the original movies brought research of the viewers of 1980s to 1990s where as the Jurassic World seems bringing the research for viewers of 1980s to 2010s.

Zoologist at the University of Southampton in UK, Darren Naish, said he is disappointed with design of dinosaurs that looked like the original Jurassic Park, which is lazy and the studio looks like sticking to what is safe.

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