DOJ wants telcos to install “kill switch”

DOJ wants telcos to install “kill switch”

Manila, Philippines – On Tuesday, Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary Leila de Lima urged telecommunication groups to add “kill switch” software on their smartphones to address the issue of cellphone theft and to safeguard the privacy of users.

With the “kill switch” feature, a stolen smartphone could no longer be used because it deactivated immediately when other users take control of it.

“Consumers who work hard and save money for their phones only to be victimized by criminals will benefit from this small effort by our telcos,” De Lima said in a statement.

However, De Lima acknowledged that such a legislation will compel telcos to adde the feature to the phones, reiterating that the DOJ can only recommend to the telcos.

The “kill switch” technology feature of a cellphone has been found out to be effective in the United States and in London.

De Lima said that it is the responsibility of the company to implement the feature and it doesn’t need a law to be crafted.

The secretary of the DOJ also said that it is the responsibility of the telecommunication companies to prevent crime and to make sure all users are protected.

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