TurboTax returns to Super Bowl

In 2014 Super Bowl the TurboTax aired a surprisingly entertaining commercial. It had Wieden + Kennedy and director Bryan Buckley as well. They threw amusing metaphor together about how the game is like high-school prom.

Now, in the second year the company as well as its ad agency are getting dolled up to come up with their second ad for the Big Event.

TurboTax is Intuit-owned online tax preparation service.

It launched very recently its 2015 brand campaign and this time too with W+K. On the day of Super Bowl they have taken a 60-second spot to run their campaign. However, before it, the campaign creative is taking an early trip to New Orleans—for Mardi Gras spot, which broke on New Year’s Day during the Rose Bowl.

The campaign was long, absurd, interconnected to show how TurboTax guides step by step.

For them the Super Bowl spot will not be the same. It will be something very new.

In 2014 they used voice of John C. Reilly. This time William H. Macy may be heard.

According to the company, last year their sales were up by 14 percent after the ad. Their do-it-yourself tax category itself grew by six percent.

Now the policy of the company is to choose high-profile telecasts. It is also planning to book spot on the Goldes Globe Awards.

They are also doing the same on radio, digital and social media throughout tax season.

Seems interesting. Isn’t it? Do share your views with us and fellow readers on the campaign strategy of TurboTax during big events like Super Bowl. Use the below given comment box.

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