Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Cowboys target Vikings RB Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson is back after the NFL has reinstated him this week, and the Vikings organization has welcomed him saying at the official website, “look forward to Adrian-rejoining” the team.

With the intent of the Vikings to have the running back in the roster, Peterson has felt different way. Peterson thought that the Vikings organization didn’t support him after he was indicted on child-injury charges that sidelined him last season.

Reports swirled around that if reinstated, Peterson would rather play elsewhere in 2015. In this matter, the Cowboys entered into the scene.

“I asked two general managers about Peterson’s return, and they told me they believe three teams are in play for him: the Cowboys, the Cardinals and the Raiders.

“‘The Cowboys are the front-runners,’ one said, ‘but I actually believe the Raiders are right there, ‘” Mike Freeman reports on the BleacherReport.

There’s a sense in acquiring Peterson to the Dallas Cowboys roster. The team has given up on DeMarco Murray last month, getting Darren McFadden as replacement. Murray’s production last season helped the Cowboys to be in the playoffs. It allowed quarterback Tony Romo to alleviate his mistakes by going to the ground.

One of the biggest names that could take the numbers of Murray would be Peterson. Most of the NFL analysts believe that the Cowboys will keep an eye on Peterson. Probably, Peterson would love to play with the Cowboys.

Former agent Joel Corry, writing for CBSSports.com, explained earlier this month. “It’s unlikely that any team is going to be interested in taking on Peterson’s existing contract given it doesn’t bear much relation to the rest of the running back market. If Peterson is intent on leaving Minnesota, he’ll probably have to renegotiate his contract so that it is more reflective of the running back marketplace.”

Will Peterson play for the Cowboys? Romo needs a running back to maintain his sharpness, Peterson might be the answer.

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