Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Kobe Bryant to play with Rajon Rondo and Kevin Love?

Kobe Bryant will enter his 20th year in the NBA, and rumors will continue to exist about the roster of the Los Angeles Lakers.

With the free agency and NBA draft, the Lakers can build a team that has the ability to compete for the playoffs, with Bryant still a major component in the roster. The Lakers have the money to spend, amounting to $25 million, which they can lure the likes of point guard Rajon Rondo and Kevin Love, who is a free agent after this season with Cleveland.

If the Lakers can aquire both Rondo and Love, then Bryant will have a wonderderful year aiming for a title. Bryant has already captured five championship rings with the Lakers. However, the sixth ring evaded him in the recent years in which he was injured for three consecutive seasons. Bryant still possesses the capability of scoring high for the Lakers. He just needed other teammates to join him to be contenders in the Western Conference.

Of course, Bryant wants to have a exit in which his game is not at the bottom. He wants to retire on top of his game. With the increasing hopes that the Lakers would pull the trigger to some of the most coveted free agents this summer, Kobe will end his career in a high note.

Rajon Rondo has probably played his final game with the Dallas Mavericks. His character hasn’t matched with Dallas’ coach Rick Carlisle. He even was suspended for a game in an obvious altercation with Carlisle. The Lakers need a point-guard after Jeremy Lin has entered into free agency. Rondo’s high noted games were played with Boston in which he even had numbers of triple doubles. Rondo is a good fit in the Byron Scott style of coaching in LA.

Nobody knows what the extent of shoulder injury Kevin Love incurred on Sunday’s game against Boston. His left shoulder was dislocated and it will take him two weeks to heal. Reports say that he will miss the entire second round agains the winner of the Bucks and Bulls. After the playoffs, Love is a free agent. Love would be a great addition for the Lakers with Rondo and Bryant on the wings.

Before Kobe retires, the Lakers management should give him the players to compete in the West, Rondo and Love might be the solution.

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  1. Michael

    April 28, 2015 at 1:55 pm

    rondo is not worth the risk