Mindanao suffers a 7-hour blackout, a mystery still

The power was off for seven hours throughout Mindanao on Sunday from 1:00 AM to 7:50 AM. The 27 provinces and 33 cities of Mindanao were surprised that until 4:00 PM of the same day, there was still no explanation.

The National Grid Corporation (NGCP) advisory mentioned the power was restored at 7:50 AM. The power was off at 1:01 AM throughout the said restoration. NGCP is looking a possible sabotage or security breach.

Energy Secretary Jericho Petilla said in one of the media outlets that the blackout started from a line coming from Agus 6 and Agus 7 hydroelectric power plants. According to NGCP, the occurrence of the blackout is being investigated.

Petilla reiterated that it would take weeks for an investigation to finish. He also added that the blackout is not related to a shortfall of power supply in Luzon. Petilla also added that this was an isolated case.

According NGCP, the Luzon grid had enough reserves at 2,544 megawatts with system capacity at 9,607 MW and system peak at 6,797 MW. The Visayas grid, had reserves of 342 MW, system demand of 1,318 MW and system capacity of 1,660 MW on Sunday. But the Mindanao grid had zero reserves with system capacity and demand at 1,350 MW and 1,249 MW respectively.

Davo City was not totally affected in comparison to other parts of Mindanao. According to report, the Davao Light and Power Co. has the capacity to turn off its power feeders, that produced rotational power outages in parts of the city.

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