San Diego Chargers Rumors: Chargers to trade Philip Rivers for Marcus Mariota?

The San Diego Chargers have not gone deeper into the playoffs through quarterback Philip Rivers. A quarterback change might be the answer, in doing that, Marcus Mariota should be the prospect.

The Chargers can get Mariota by dealing Rivers to the Tennessee Titans, who are to select second in the NFL Draft 2015, assuming that Tampa Bay will pick Jameis Winston. The Rivers-Mariota rumor is one of the biggest mind-boggling deals that could ever happen in the coming days. Are the Chargers willing to exchange a well-experienced quarterback to a rookie?

Adam Schein, an NFL Media Columnist, perfectly said,

“If the San Diego Chargers deal Rivers, presumably to get Marcus Mariota, they aren’t a playoff team. And I have major questions about their future. If the Tennessee Titans get Rivers, they aren’t a playoff team, either. Not even close. And they will have even more major questions for the future.”

San Diego is currently a playoff team and it might win the division against the Broncos this season. It will not help the Chargers if a rookie quarterback will be at the center. Rivers has proven to be the perfect quarterback for this team. Rivers knows the offensive plays as well as his receivers. Meanwhile, if Mariota is the quarterback, the Chargers will start all over again.

Tennessee might be building its future with Mariota at the quarterback. If Mariota picks the gamebook and executes well, then the Titans will reap the rewards of getting him. Will this San Diego Chargers and Tennessee Titans rumor be vanished from the conversation?

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