San Diego Chargers Rumors: Philip Rivers will play with Tennessee next season?

The Philip Rivers saga continues to exist as the NFL 2015 Draft approaches. Rivers is part of rumors that is circulating around the NFL. His disappointment of the team moving to Carson City is totally overblown that he wants out of San Diego.

The Rivers-Mariota trade during the NFL Draft on Thursday continues to play out the minds of NFL experts and even fans. Because Rivers may not play his best next season as his contract ends on 2016, San Diego could not afford to let him go without getting in return. The Chargers could trade their franchise quarterback directly to the Tennessee Titans in exchange for the No. 2 pick, which targets the quarterback from Oregon. With this move, the Chargers will have be in the process of rebuilding a future quarterback while the Titans can immediately fell the impact of Rivers.

Chargers coach Tom Telesco reminded everybody his desire to keep Rivers for next season, saying:

“Philip is our quarterback. It’s our plan and intent he is our quarterback well into the future.”

However, pressure will be in the hands of the Chargers if they do not make a move this week. With the unsatisfied Rivers, San Diego’s 2015 season might be in jeopardy.

Sports Illustrated’s Doug Farrar disagreed about the mindset of keeping the quarterback

“The smart play for the Chargers would be to get as much as possible for Rivers, who is a perennial MVP candidate, and move along with their next potential franchise quarterback,” said Farrar on

He thought the move would be good timing, considering Rivers has only a year remaining on his current contract and has “reportedly refused to discuss an extension in any serious sense.”

According to Sky Sports’ Michael Kelleher, “Rivers has strong family ties to the Deep South and was a high school football star in Athens, Alabama, [which is] 97 miles south of Nashville.” Playing for the Titans would put him closer to Athens than any other NFL franchise could.

Moreover, Tennessee could reunite Rivers with his former offensive coordinator from 2013, Ken Whisenhunt, who nurtured the QB become NFL Comeback Player of the Year before becoming head coach of the Titans.

The future of Philip Rivers will be decided on the first day of the draft if the Chargers will pull the trigger for a trade to the Titans. A trade would eventually benefit both teams not only this season but in the years to come.

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