San Francisco 49ers Rumors: Trae Waynes being watched in the NFL Draft

In order for the San Francisco 49ers to compete against the Seahawks, Cardinals and Rams in their hotly contested division in the upcoming season, San Francisco must have the right picks in the Draft 2015.

The San Francisco 49ers defense will need cornerbacks in the coming NFL season. The 49ers organization will absolutely be interested in acquiring cornerbacks after losing two of its best in free agency. Chris Culliver ended up with the Washington Redskins and Perrish Cox signed with the Titans.

In the 2015 Draft order, the 49ers will have the 15th pick. Thus, they will have the opportunity to add Michigan State cornerback Trae Waynes, who is one of the best defensive backs in the draft class.

“Waynes is the top corner on our board and our 16th ranked prospect overall, making him an excellent value and need pick for San Francisco,” Steve Muench of Scouts Inc. wrote. “He is a fundamentally sound cover corner with above average instincts, excellent top-end speed and the ball skills to develop into a playmaker. Plus, he’s an above average run stopper for the position.”

In the Combine Results, Waynes’ grade was 6.36. Because of Waynes is considered one of the top prospects, the New York Giants are also might be interested to acquire him. The Giants are ninth in the Draft Pick Order.

Will the San Francisco 49ers be able to draft Waynes? If not, which team?

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