Beyonce Rose Swimsuit: Beyonce wears Derrick Rose Jersey in music video “Feeling Myself” with Nicki Minaj

Beyonce’s wearing Derrick Rose’s swimsuit in a music video “Feeling Mysel” with Nick Minaj is going viral in the internet.

What is this new Beyonce Rose swimsuit that everybody talks about? Beyonce wore Rose Jersey is a one-piece swimsuit and not a bikini as being reported by other sites. The “Feeling Myself Video” continues to storm the internet on Tuesday.

Inquisitor writes:

As a result, natural searches for the Beyoncé Rose swimsuit should be coming into Google. However, a search for the Derrick-inspired gear that Beyoncé wore via Google Shopping only turns up jerseys, not swimming suits. All bets are that Beyoncé had the swimsuit custom made, with the Bulls No. 1 on the front of the gear.

Naturally, questions about whether Beyoncé has a crush on Rose would also arise in the wake of wearing a swimming suit with Derrick’s No. 1 so proudly emblazoned on it. Besides, it wasn’t long ago that videos of Beyoncé allegedly giving LeBron James “f-me” eyes were circulating on Twitter, with the video showing Beyoncé looking away as Jay Z looked at his wife.

Truly, the photos of Beyonce wearing Derrick Rose No. 1 Jersey shows that she is a fan of the basketball superstar. Beyonce’s dressing Rose jersey is one of the most attractive things that could happen to Rose, as he failed to lift his team in the next round, losing to Cleveland.

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