Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Russell Wilson to become the highest paid quarterback, eclipsing Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers?

The Seattle Seahawks is about to make Russell Wilson the highest paid NFL quarterback according to the rumors that circulated around. While negotiation on the contract extension is going a little slow, Wilson is expected to have up a big deal.

Wilson deserves a lucrative contract that would put him on top. By leading the Seahawks into two super bowl appearances, winning one, there’s no doubt that Seattle will provide him what is due him. Given that Wilson lifted the team into two glorious years, the quarterback will probably get at least $100 million worth of contract in the offseason.

It is proven in the NFL that the quarterback position is the most important part for a team to succeed. A franchise quarterback like Wilson will have control of the success of the team. Quarterback wins and losses games, most of the time.

Ian Rappaport of the writes that the foreseen contract of Wilson is fully guaranteed.

“According to the people I’ve spoken to, it is not out of the realm of possibility that Russell Wilson will receive the first fully guaranteed contract extension for a quarterback — something that is a rarity in the NFL — not a rarity, it does not happen,” Rapoport said. “It simply does not happen, but in this case it really might happen and (Seahawks general manager) John Schneider has talked about it in the past, an uncoventional type of contract.”

The first option for the Seahawks is to extend the contract of Wilson. Contract extension means that Wilson has the possibity to be given the most expensive contract in the NFL. If problems occur and the two parties could not meet halfway, Wilson will become a free agent in 2016. However, the Seahawks could place a franchise tag on him, which could let him get $18.5 million minimum.

Truly, the Seahawks want to have Wilson at the quarterback but his contract could affect the balance of the team to stay competitive. A lower contract extension means a better team to be build around Wilson.

Surely, the Russell Wilson contract rumors will stay until he signed a new one.

“It’s ongoing, but going a little slow,” Carroll said, via “We’re waiting to hear from their side. Every guy’s individual case [on contract negotiations] is different. Russell has been an extraordinary player for us and for our community. We hope to get something done as soon as we can and we’re working at it. But there are parts that are moving here. We’ve worked very hard to keep this team together and Russell is a huge part of that. He’s going to be with us and we’re excited about moving forward with him.”

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