Tom Brady Press Conference not imminent, Brady Sr. calls it “FrameGate”

Tom Brady Press Conference not imminent, Brady Sr. calls it “FrameGate”

Tom Brady is not holding a press conference and he has stayed quiet after being mentioned in the Ted Wells report on the use of deflated football during the AFC Championship Game on January.

In the report led by attorney Wells, it is stated that Brady “was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities” by the two team employees that allegedly deflated the footballs.

However, Brady’s father comes into the defense of his son and calls the report a “Framegate”.

“I don’t have any doubt about my son’s integrity — not one bit,” Brady Sr. told the paper. “In this country, you’re innocent until proven guilty. It just seems Tommy is now guilty until proven innocent.”

“The league had to cover themselves,” Brady Sr. said. “The reality is they had no conclusive evidence.

“This was Framegate right from the beginning.”

The NFL report concluded “it was more probable than not” that Jim McNally, the officials’ locker room attendant, and John Jastremski, an equipment assistant for the Patriots, were involved in “a deliberate effort to release air” from the footballs in the moments before kickoff of the AFC title game — and after they were examined by the referee.

“They had to protect their asses, and that’s what they’re doing,” Brady Sr. said. “I just read that four Colts balls were underinflated. Amazing. Amazing.

“To impugn somebody without conclusive evidence saying this is more probable than not? The reality is they have scientific evidence,” he added. “Now they’re overriding the scientific evidence and badgering the Patriots. It’s disgusting.”

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