When does American Ninja Warrior 2015 Premiere? Date and Time

When does American Ninja Warrior 2015 Premiere? Date and Time

The American Ninja Warrior is set to premiere this month of May for the 2015 season. Hundreds of participants will try to finish the course with a million dollars on the line.

The seventh season of American Ninja Warriors starts on May 25, 2015 on NBC. The the past seasons, there’s not a single winner of the grand prize. Thus, the course is surely difficult that it requires everything from the contestants to conquer it.

While the fans of the sports show keep on waiting, the show is being taped already. Absolutely, this season might be the time for a competitor to battle and conquer the course.

The action-filled series joins the competitors as they hurdle the world’s most difficult obstacle courses in qualifying rounds in Los Angeles, Baltimore, Denver and Miami. The National finals round is being held in Las Vegas to topple the four stage course modelled after the prominent Mt. Midoriyama.

American Ninja Warrior is hosted by Matt Iseman, Akbar Gbaja Biamila and Kristine Leahy.

One of the competitors this year is from Idaho as the local website reports:

A certified orthoses, Chris Moore makes prosthetic limbs by day. And by night he’s a ninja warrior. In June, Moore will leave to go compete in this year’s ‘American Ninja Warrior’ challenge. Something he’s been training for for weeks.

“I hit every muscle about three to seven times a week,” says Moore.

He has his eyes on the cash prize and none of it will go to him.

“I don’t really need another car, another house,” says Moore. “What I really need to do is help people, it’s what I do as a profession.

He instead plans to donate all of it to the Shriners Hospital.

“It concerns me that there will ever be a time that a parent has to make an economic decision for a medical procedure or medical service for their kids. I think if they need something they should get it and Shriners is of that mind set,” says Moore.

Will Moore be able to bag the grand prize?

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