NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Virtual Reality and drones will bring the Cowboys to Super Bowl?

Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Virtual Reality and drones will bring the Cowboys to Super Bowl?

The Dallas Cowboys goal for the upcoming 2015 NFL season is to win a Super Bowl. Despite losing DeMarco Murray in the roster, the Cowboys are confident that Tony Romo and the players will bring home the glory, not to forget, they are be using drones and virtual reality technology to enhance their chances.

In the current technological advancement, the Cowboys seize the opportunity to utilize such high tech drones that can capture 360-degree video for their practices, providing clearer perspectives of each players. After that, players later can wear virtual reality headsets that show the game video in a special room created at their Valley Ranch facility. The video can appear on a main screen, adjustable based on the players eye direction.

In addition, coaches are able to see if players made the correct reads because they can look at things they normally couldn’t not see from regular practice cameras like the hand placements, each players eyes and feet. The Cowboys practices are usually recorded with endzone and overhead cameras, but a drone overhead recording 360 degrees will provide coaches every angle possible.

The technology that the Dallas Cowboys are using is from StriVR labs, which makes that software that was developed by former Stanford kicker Derek Belch.

The technology is already proven to be useful. It is being used by college teams such as Arkansas, Auburn, Clemson, and Vanderbilt. The Cowboys are the first team in the NFL to adopt such technology, while other teams will likely follow.

Will the virtual reality and drones be able to magnify the chances of the Cowboys to be in the Super Bowl?

While filming practices will be a very important part for virtual reality, it’s only the tip of the iceberg for most teams. Fans will benefit once the technology makes it possible to stream live games in full 360-degree video. Imagine watching a game from the point of view of being on the field with the players and seeing exactly what the quarterback sees. That will bring a whole new meaning to the NFL fans.

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