Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Wide receiver Dez Bryant delays contract signing, sets himself up for higher deals

Is Dez Bryant signing off as Dallas Cowboy’s best wide receiver whose superior athletic prowess seems to be under compensated as he was guaranteed only $12 million worth of a year’s contract? Sources say that this strategy has been originally used by Emitt Smith to set himself up for a long-term contract and that Dez Bryant is expecting his football team to find ways to grant such leverage otherwise it would mean losing their most-priced player.

Interview with Skip Bayless at ESPN First Take informed viewers that that Dez Bryant has been having “quiet off-the-field” issues is news to him and as far he knows, this issue has long sprang in the past and they’ve been over it. Offering Dez Bryant a franchise tag equal to what Detroit Lions’s wide receiver Calvin Johnson is receiving (which is worth $48 million) is what seems to be the crux of Bryant’s apprehension to yield to the same price he’s been offered to work under.

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett admits the fact that Dez Bryant is an exceptional player the team doesn’t want to lose. He further described Bryant, without any doubt, as having a talent so infectious and explosive and that it had made the team work its way to the top. Garrett was very much hoping that Dez Bryant stays on the game, to continue working for the team as passionate as he has always been. Garrett has never denied the fact that Dez Bryant’s contribution to the team’s past victories were anything but incredible and his performance would very much continue to be a big part for the team’s future success.

The surging of “character issues” has also become controversial alongside Bryant’s alleged desire to work under higher deals. Some Cowboys have commented sharply that a football player’s job is to get back to the game and work for the love of it, despite what amounts to be a lesser compensation for whatever one does for the team. Some have also tried seeing the point of character issue as too grave an attack against Bryant who has for years been loyal and been giving his best the entire time of his stay with the Cowboys Dallas. To find a temporary replacement for Bryant on the premise that he is not on the team yet for not signing the contract is tantamount to using somebody for him to be persuaded to sign it, this according to an interview with Stephen A. Smith.

This seems to be a controversial stance both on the side of Dez Bryant and the Cowboys Dallas team. If Dez Bryant doesn’t see himself working somewhere else apart from the Cowboys, then the contract shall not remain unsigned until July 15, 2015.

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