Jurassic World Movie: Predicted to be June’s boxoffice weekend-opening hit of all time

Reliving the thrills in 1993 spurred by the ever-popular science fiction film adventure Jurassic Park series, movie patrons of the Universal Film’s Jurassic World has placed the film on a box office hit, amassing a total of $18.5 million worth of previews on its first Thursday night release.

An incredible movie preview rating of $24.5 million for the said sequel of the Jurassic Park series was recorded during its debut opening in China and in France.

The Spielberg-directed film is known to have toppled other boxoffice success films such as that of Fast &Furious 7 earning $15.6 million worth of previews on its Thursday night release and eventually summing up to a total of $147 million through the weekend. Since its opening last night, Jurassic World is predicted to be earning $124 million more with its opening made available to 4, 273 theaters.
For the purposes of comparison, the June box office success of Jurrasic Park was a $50.1 m, record-breaking debut weekend previews gross earned way back in 1993. Though glimmering as a candidate for this year’s June’s biggest box-office weekend debut, Jurassic World still brushes off with the spectacular Man of Steel’s equally splendid throughout-the-weekend rating of $128m.

Movie goers of all age, especially the crowds still infused of the series’ exciting dino adventures during its first relase, are expected to boost previews in the days to come. Word of mouths about the Jurassic World was incredible and has been spreading throughout a plethora of film reviewers and viewers as well. The movie is said to be very much inclined to entertaining kids of all ages who are emerging fans of dinosaurs, those whose imaginations transcend the present-day modernity and are able to appreciate scientific evidences, yet however fiction, that prove the existence of the “now-extinct” specie. Not only was the film a material to curb scientific passions for fiction. Remarkably, the movie is also spreading its fame not only in the world of films but in the Jurassic Park universe as well, having been released now as a game consumed as the Lego Jurassic World, a 3D gaming experience with a storyline adaptation coming from the Jurassic Park novels. The movie experience is also known to stimulate movie goers that the film is also expected to earn in its midnight openings.

Directed by Colin Trevorrow, Jurassic World which has also been made available in IMAX 3D, stars Chriss Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D’Onofrio, BD Wong,Irrfan Khan and Jake Johnson. Owing perhaps to its whopping Thursday night release, this film is most probable to emerge as June’s biggest weekend openings of all time!

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