Microsoft Office available in Android phones

The wait is over for the Microsoft Office lovers. Microsoft officially launches Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Android Smartphones after five weeks of beta evaluation time.

Microsoft has announced that starting today, Android tablet and phone users can now download the current versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint to their gadgets.

For some time, the software giant has been studying about the possible availability of the Office to the Andriod users around the world.

Despite the differences of Android handsets, Microsoft was able to release Office for Android Phones after a relatively small time of public beta period, said Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president of Microsoft Office Client Applications and Services.

“We are so grateful to our preview users, and with their help we were able to test the apps on over 1,900 different Android phone models in 83 countries,” he wrote in a June 24 Office Blogs post.

“During the preview, we heard from thousands of these users, and over the last few weeks we were able to incorporate a lot of their feedback into the apps we’re launching today,” continued Koenigsbauer.

Majority of the tablet and phone users are using Android as the operating system of their handsets. It paves the way for the users to have satisfaction while using their gadgets through the availability of Microsoft office.

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