Stanley Cup Finals Live Game 6: Lightning vs Blackhawks TV Schedule, Preview

Winning the Game 5 on a weekend of the Stanley Cup Final places Chicago Blackhawks up for the win against the Tampa Bay Lightning incurring too many injuries among its lineup to even make it to finals this coming Monday.

The venue for Stanley Cup Finals is at United Center – the home for Chicago Blackhawks – and this fact alone spurs premonitions for a Blackhawk home victory, a most probable culmination for their past wins in the last six years.

Also known as the “Bolts”, Tampa Bay Lightning has incurred injuries on its forward lineups: Ben Bishop just had what some call “groin injury” while Nikita Kucherov wasn’t able to return to the game after crashing on the post, and an allegedly broken fingered Tyler Johnson was not so much taking faceoff very well during the game.Bets have never been so low for such a disadvantaged team after having had to deal with so many physical slumps among its strongest players. Truth be told, these crashes seemed to have been rumors that became self-evident in the long run.

When interviewed about the recent game, Lightning’s captain Steven Stamkos admitted that the team is limping to force out a playoff match against the Blackhawks. Knowing the amount of effort and preparations the Bolts had shed for the game, the captain retorts with “We have to find a way to score some goals. It starts with me. I’ve got to be better.” Hoping that a Game 7 would be possible after this next upcoming game, Stamkos adds “We’ve worked too hard to get to this opportunity to not leave it all on the line next game. I expect everyone to do that.”

On the other side of the rink, Chicago Blackhawks still preps themselves up for whatever lays ahead on this upcoming Monday Final Cup. Having gained the guise of an advantage position after having won the cup in Philadelphia in 2010 and 2013 in Boston, Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews told Dan Rosen of “Whether we’re one win away or 15 wins away, you come in with that belief and you know what your team is capable of.” His succeeding statements emphasized just how unique a team Blakchaws is and that the team could never afford to underachieve, making every attempt to make the most out of each member in the group.

Blackhawks vs Lightning Stanley Cup Finals live stream is on NBC Live Extra. Blackhawks vs Lightning Stanley Cup Finals 2015 tv channel schedule is on NBC. Stanley Cup Finals scores and updates will be posted here. Who will win this game? Will there be Game 7?

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