Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Russell Wilson contract extension will not be granted?

Unbelievably the best quarterback of the league, Seahawks’s very own Russel Wilson remains skeptic to sign off another contract with the team – but this time, not for monetary concerns.

Truly, money is not everything for Russel Wilson who, with respect to his professional career in football, places so much importance in every opportunity where he gets to give his best foot forward. Undoubtedly the center of the offense of the Seahawks football team, Russel Wilson could have been a star if it were not for the team’s orientation itself: to place instead the defensive side at the center table downplaying every bit of chance for a talented Wilson to exhaust and show off in his most endeared profession. Compared to other football teams whose life depends largely on their quarterbacks — the offensive side being the name of their game – Seahawks unfortunately turns out to be the opposite, and Wilson’s goals of optimizing what he could do for the team is utterly stifled.

For the purpose of delineating what a quarterback can be expected to do, Russel Wilson couldn’t be any more effective in “throwing a deep ball” while “avoiding all interceptions” — things that could only pester his coach seeing him doing alone the entire show for the team.

Seattle Seahawks unfortunately has laid out a game plan three-hundred-degree opposite to its quarterback, disappointing all the hopes of taking its offensive side to the center stage, unlike those teams like Indianapolis Colts and Green Bay.

At this point, the question as to who gets to play the bigger picture surfaces as the mainstay of the current standoff: a quarterback whose professional career depends on his decision to continue signing off a contract that is just as good as how much the team wants him to get, or the team losing a most priced quarterback just because of its unorthodox orientation. Another way to put things in perspective is to see Russel Wilson taking a risk of yielding to a franchise tag for the love of proving how much he could do as a player not just as someone stuck in the role prescribed by the team’s roster.

Professionalism can be so much demanding that even the daring passions of an athlete can well be muffled simply by having the need to play by the rules.

As much as other athletes are concerned with their professional careers, they can be boggled too by what their existence could mean in the game in the long run.

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