Denver Broncos Rumors: Denver attempted to trade Peyton Manning to Houston Texans?


The Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning are not always free NFL rumors. The Broncos deny they did not try to trade Peyton Manning off to Houston this past offseason, negating a report on Tuesday about what could have been.

Two sources, reliable or not, told Benjamin AllBright of 94.1 FM in Denver that the Broncos tried to move Manning sometime before the Denver quarterback signed his restructured deals with the team on March 4. Allbright posted on his Twitter:

Have two unrelated official sources on this, would be a hilariously oddly coordinated lie, if what they were telling me was untrue.

Patrick Smith, a Broncos spokesman responded with a denial. “Here’s one for the record – The speculation is false, and your report is inaccurate.”

One of the most interesting to note in this story is about Allbright’s accuracy in speculating that Nick Foles would be traded to the Rams way back in March.

Moreover, while the Broncos are boldly denying that they tried to trade Manning, the Houston Texans preferred to be quiet about the issue but no denying anything. If the Texans have no comment, then there should be a substance on what Allbright is talking about the Broncos trying to dump their quarterback.

Though there are deep reasons why the Broncos would have tried to dump Manning, it wouldn’t surprise many if it happened.

Way back in 2012, Manning desired to play for the Texans but Texans didn’t want him. Not to the surprise of many, Gary Kubiak was the coach in Houston in 2012 and he decided to stick with Matt Schaunb, believing that he was a better fit in the offense than Manning.

Look at the Broncos, they hired Kubiak in January. Again, Kubiak’s offense, which requires a mobile quarterback, doesn’t fit Manning at all. Kubiak wasn’t certain about having Manning before.

Manning played all his games with the Broncos in the last three years and he brought the team in two the playoffs, with one super bowl appearance.

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