American Ninja Warrior 7/15/15 Season 7: Venice Finals Recap

American Ninja Warrior continues to attract television viewers as it travels to Venice, California. In tonight’s episode of American Ninja Warrior, contestants of the Venice Qualifier will tackle the Venice Finals obstacle course.

The participants will face the Salmon Ladder, Rumbling Dice, Clear Climb and Invisible Ladder. Nicholas Coolride, Kevin Bull and Jessie Graff will be hurdling the course. Of course, the contestants will vie for a chance to be in the Las Vegas Finals, in which they will have a chance to win a cas prize of $1,000,000 and the title of “American Ninja Warrior.

On the last episode of the American Ninja Warrior qualifying round, military personnel competed on the pier in San Pedro, California in front of battleship USS Iowa. Participants included were both active and retired military members.

Contestants tackled the six stage city qualifying course featuring two never-before-seen obstacles – the Log Runner and the challenging I-Beam Cross. Former Army National Guard Caption and six-time “American Ninja Warrior” veteran Ryan Stratis and active Navy Lieutenant Junior Grade Dustin McKinney returned for another shot at the course.

American Ninja Warrior Season 7 Episode 7 Venice Finals starts at 9:00 PM ET. American Ninja Warrior tv channel schedule is on NBC.

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