Dallas Cowboys Rumors: QB Tony Romo positive on Dez Bryant contract

Quarterback Tony Romo thinks the Dallas Cowboys and Dez Bryant will find a way to carve out a deal before the season starts. Romo is not concern about Bryant missing some games if a contract is not struck.

During a media conference at his football camp in Wisconsin, Romo was asked about Bryant’s status and the Cowboys quarterback negated any concerns.

“The NFL is a business, it really is,” he said, per Mike Ramczyk of MyRacineCounty.com. “You’ll see that side sometimes, with DeMarco (Murray) leaving and Dez not being part of the offseason.

“I think it will work out with Dez.”

“Once you play in the NFL, you recognize there’s turnover,” he said. “One of the big flaws for a football team will be if you have a little bit of success, you think you’re just going to pick up where you left off. You have to start over every year. Your team will be different each year.

Dez Bryant wants to have a longer contract than what the Cowboys might do with him – a franchise tag. Bryant and the Cowboys will have a deadline until July 15 to have a deal done. If there’s no contract agreement by then, Bryant will play for a franchise tag in 2015.

Bryant caught 88 passes for 1,320 yards and 16 touchdowns last season. It is considered one of his best years in the NFL. Bryant is the key in the offensive attacks of the Cowboys as he is the primary target of Romo. While the Cowboys running game is uncertain this year without DeMarco Murray, there might be more plays in the air.

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