From 3-peso burger to LC Big Mak

Manila Philippines – Burgers are considered as “recession food” for some; however, it is regarded as a “comfort food” for the others. Whichever the case, truth falls in one corner—burgers made the Lucena couple on the peak of business success.

Francis and Edna Dy started from a 3-peso burger along Quezon Avenue corner Rizal Street, in Lucena City by which people lines up to satisfy both appetite and “curiousity.” A single burger, way back 31 years, has brought the couple to thousand vans now reaching millions of people.

Their impeccable success was unexpectedly an outcome of Francis’s idea of coming up with a hamburger mobile van. This idea commensurates the lifestyle during the era when American comfort food runs its course in the Philippine market. Though not a cook himself, Francis’s passion for food and eating has become the remarkable beginning of the LC Big Mak.

The hands behind Big Mak’s burger patty is a typical businesswoman who has never thought of supporting the crazy idea of putting up a Hamburger Mobile Van. Still, Edna’s passion for cooking and Francis’s concept brought them into what they are right now.

“LC Big Mak Inc.” from the name itself sells big buns and big patties. “LC” stands for Lucena City and “Mak” came from Mr. Dy’s parents’ name, Maxima and Kimsuy.

What’s good about LC Big Mak Burgers, as what the couple accentuates, is its combination of real American burger and Pinoy flavours. Technically, this is why people patronize the product.

Like all other business people, the couple has gone through the hard stuff first before hitting the market. They all started with just one grinder and margarine caps for making patties. Today, LC Big Mak Inc. has more than 850 burger vans and 12 stand-alone branches nationwide. The couple has always believed that all these things were made possible thought hard work, patience, strength and faith in God.

In the Philippine setting, the fast food sector is on a widespread prominence, one of the reasons by which LC Big Mak has been unwavering in its success to expand its brand, products and services.
Francis and Edna expressed their intention of bringing LC Big Mak into the national landscape after 30 years of leading South Luzon’s food scene. They even brought in a line of new breed of LC Big Mak managers, their children—Mark Francis, Dave Francis, Margaret Ley and daughter-in-law, Charmaine.
LC Big Mak then has been redefined in to the modern business as their children took over. Yet, it was believed that they still carry with them the values and attitude they earned from their parents.

The Dy family made a projection of taking over larger territories including Manila and main cities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, through its partnership with the worldclass Francorp Philippines.
Novice business people are called to franchise in just a fee of P150, 000, with big burgers as its core product.
The couple shares their business success with this formula: fast service+ great taste + affordability. Further, they stressed out that standards and best practices should also be kept in mind.

Lorena used to compete twice in the National Secondary Schools Press Conference. Her love for news writing has not left her veins. As a part of Pabaon News, she exhibits timeliness and clarity.