Golden State Warriors Boston Celtics Rumors: David Lee to Boston Celtics for Gerald Wallace

David Lee makes his wish and it is granted by the Golden State Warriors. Lee is going to Boston Celtics, according to ESPN.

The Golden State Warriors made the move to trade Lee to the Celtics for veteran Gerald Wallace. The deal can’t be claimed consummated until July 9.

Lee was on the bench mostly last season, and he has an expiring contract. The Warriors have been looking for a fair deal that wouldn’t affect their roster’s ability for Lee in the recent weeks. Lee played only 49 games last year for the Warriors, after returning from injury. He played 69 games in 2013-2014 season. Lee still has $15.5 million one year deal with the Warriors but he wants to be out of the team. He is not being utilized properly with the system that coach Stever Kerr implemented. The Warriors do not want to pay him that big with limited minutes also.

Lee averaged 18.2 points and 9.3 rebounds per game on 52.3-percent shooting in the 2013-14 season. Lee lost his job as starter to Draymond Green after a hamstring injury. The Warriors flourished with Green that paved the way to cut the minutes of Lee. His numbers dwindled this season because of limited playing time. With the trade, the Warriors have saved a lot of money.

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