Lip Sync Battle Video: Alison Brie shows radiance, Will Arnett rocks

Lip Sync Battle returns on Thursday with popular celebrities taking the stage. Will Arnett shows his best and rocks out to “Everything is awesome”.

Will Arnett brings Lego moves in the Lip Sync Battle. The funny man would be hard to beat, most dramatically his robotic, lego-like dance moves. The Arrested Development star delivered full kid zone for his exemplary performance on the theme song from last year’s The Lego Movie by Tegan and Sara.

Arnett wears a sports bright orange construction suit and hard hat while his backup dancers perform and rock behind him.

On the other hand, Brie gets down and dirty in her take of Salt-N-Pepa’s ong “Shoop”, addressing the Lip Sync battle very captivating.

Lip Sync Battle is a musical comedy television program on Spike Cable network. Lip Sync Battle Alison Brie vs Will Arnett starts at 10:00 PM on Spike.

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