Philadelphia Eagles Tim Tebow’s jersey sells more than Tony Romo, Marshawn Lynch and Ndamukung Suh

Tim Tebow remains to have many followers wherever he goes, even in Philadelphia. Tebow’s No. 11 Philadelphia jersey ranked 16th best seller at for the month of June, outlasting even Tony Romo, Marshawn Lynch and Ndamukung Suh.

Lynch ranked 20th while Romo’s jersey stayed at 24th. Suh might be a bigger and higher-priced free agent, but his Dolphins jersey has nothing on Tebow’s Eagles jersey: Suh’s No. 93 ranked 17th in jersey sales for the month of June.

It would be an uphill battle for Tebow to be included in the roster of the Eagles. He has to outplay Mark Barkley and Mark Sanchez to be part of the 2015 Philadelphia roster.

Tebow might have found a company of Demarco Murray when he said the former Florida qarterback “a good player and a very hardworking”.“He comes to work everyday ready to compete and that’s what you can expect from him.” top-selling jerseys for June

1. Odell Beckham Jr.
2. Marcus Mariota
3. Tom Brady
4. Colin Kaepernick
5. Aaron Rodgers
6. Dez Bryant
7. Russell Wilson
8. Jameis Winston
9. Demarco Murray
10. Rob Gronkowski
11. J.J. Watt
12. Peyton Manning
13. Andrew Luck
14. Derek Carr
15. Jason Witten
16. Tim Tebow
17. Ndamukong Suh
18. Kam Chancellor
19. Khalil Mack
20. Marshawn Lynch
21. Teddy Bridgewater
22. 12th Fan
23. Ryan Tannehill
24. Tony Romo
25. Joe Haden

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