Customers flock to Taiwan McDonald to see this girl employee, what is it all about?

People are flocking to a McDonald branch in Taiwan just to take a glimpse at a beatiful employee who has been dubbed a ‘drumroll’ McGoddess by her numbers of fans.

Wei Han Xu, who is popularly called Wei Wei, is the newest internet sensation that has emerging into viral around the world by her looks. Her popularity has soared through social media outlets.

Her fans, mostly men, have been travelling from all the corners of the globe to see Wei Wei out, and even film and take a photo of her in her work uniform (sometimes sailor or maid costumes).

The McGoddess herself doesn’t reveal her identity to the public, except for the fact that she’s currently going to college and has been working at McDonald for five years.

Because of her beauty and viral story, Wei Wei already has become prominent locally that she was invited to some talk show appearances and has gained social media friends and followings. Her followers already reached to five digits.

She wrote today in an Instagram post: “In these few days, I received a lot of message from people that had different backgrounds. I was shocked because in my point of view it is just an old news In Taiwan. I would like to say thank you to all the attentions [sic], thank you so much to concern about me.”

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