GOP Republican Party 2015 debate live: How Donald Trump responds?

The Republican (GOP) debate kicks off on Thursday night as ten presidential hopefuls will face each other in a gigantic clash that could even determine their destiny in the 2016 election. This is the first step as they await for their nomination.

There are supposed to be 17 presidential contenders but only 10 made the cut to be appear in the debate. The seven will be on stage during a forum at 4 PM central and 5 PM eastern. The top 10 was determined by nationals polls will showcase their knowledge and ability to respond to the questions. The Republican (GOP) Party debate starts at 8:00 PM Center / 9 PM Eastern.

While the Republican hopefuls continue to get the spotlight, no other than Donald Trump is considered to be the wild card in Thursday’s showdown. The Billionaire businessman is leading the polls and he will be in the center of the stage. Trump has been saying in the past that he is willing to say anything and even to ignore convention. Trump is expected to shine and he is known for his television performances but not in a debate. This is the first time that he will put himself under scrutiny.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush also has to show something during the debate. Many believe that Bush is the front-runner for the nomination but the recent polls show that he was bumped by Trump. He could be facing more criticisms and other candidates might take the opportunity to hit him. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio might seize the moment and steal the spotlight from Trump and Bush.

“You’re starting off with a lot of candidates who have an initial group of support that reflect a particular element of the party, but nobody is close at this point to putting together a majority coalition,” said David Winston, a Republican pollster.

The debate TV channel: Fox News. With a cable subscription, you can watch Fox News live streaming of the debate here with sign-in. GOP debate radio stream is on Fox Radio.

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