Leaked Ads Jo-Ann store Black Friday released: Shoppers get 70% off on custom framworks

Jo-Ann has numbers of deals for the shoppers. The art and craft store, JoAnn, is also celebrating with discounts ahead of Black Friday in an effort to give its Thanksgiving Present to all its customers and also gain some more loyal folks, thereafter. The store remains closed all day on the Thanksgiving Day to open on the Black Friday at 6:00 AM and conduct specials till noon, as some of the discounts remain invalid after that. The discounted sale should also continue on Saturday till 1:00 PM. The 8-page brochure sets the goal of “always open” Jo-Ann through its online store which shall be available for purchases non-stop and all the in-store deals are valid exactly the same manner.

There is a huge discount of 70% on holiday decorations, ornaments, and silk flowers. There is huge off on strung beads starting from as low as $1.99 to $7.99 where the current prices were ranging from $2.99 to $19.99. The fleece garments, fabrics, prints, and solids receive a 75% off of the current price. If anyone is planning to get some customized framing to present dear ones, go to JoAnn’s as they have managed to provide 70% off on all custom frameworks.

The Smartek steam iron receives a 60% off to be sold at $5.99. In addition to all of these, you can clip the printed ads to get an additional 25% off on the entire purchase from any of their stores or a 50% off on any regularly priced item. However, these deals shall be entertained only till 12 PM Friday, so get quick in case there are plans already.

The last year practices included door buster services as well and a lot of individual discounts are valid till a certain time on a certain date through the weekend. It is advisable to read the ad carefully.

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