Shopko Black Friday 2015 Ad: Shopko offers Doorbuster Deals that competes with other stores, Opening Hours

Shopko has plenty of Black Friday Deals for the customers on Black Friday. The year 2015 shall offer deals on Back Friday like no other, and this has been the mantra for a lot of retailers including Shopko that has jumped into the bandwagon with over 850 doorbuster deals that covers video games, drones, printers, cameras, movies, HDTVs and many other things. The first few pages are sure to woo you into purchasing something or the other and some notables have been mentioned here as well.

A 40-inch Smart LED TV from Vizio is priced at $299.99 whereas a 55-inch Vizio Smart HD TV is at sale for just $699 that otherwise sells for $1199, a 50-inch LED SmartTV from Samsung is being sold for $497.99 only whereas a 32-inch HDTV from Samsung is on sale for $177.99 only.

The Xbox One bundled with Fallout 4 is being offered for a price of just $349.99 whereas the streaming stick from Rokucan is obtained at simply $39.99. A set of Monopoly is given free with another one targeting a flat 50% off on the purchase of one. Drones with camera and controller along with SD card is for sale at just $49.99 that otherwise is sold at $159.99 without the specials. 30-inch giftwraps are available at discount of $4 at mere $1.99 whereas fleece throw and spreads are available for a discount of $11 at just $3.99.

The online sales begin on Wednesday, but the majority of the deals are only available in-stores and they open on Thanksgiving Day at 4PM and shall continue non-stop sales until noon on Black Friday. The exact timings of opening and closing of online sales are not released so keep checking the website in case there are some plans. Shopko has released a 57-page booklet with plenty of deals and specials so try to give a read or skim through them once, at least. There are deals on even health care with free one-on-one consultancy.

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