BJ’s Black Friday 2015 Sales: BJs entices customers with Samsung LED TV, Giant Plush Bears in slashed Prices, Most Coveted Items Available

On the eve of the upcoming holiday season sale and Black Friday bumper sale, BJs, has prepared a list of the most popular toys in a bid to attract more kids starting from age 3 and above. Karen Jerome, BJs Wholesale Club’s toy buyer, states that creative and innovative toys are the top candidates this season and the entire crew had been busy procuring the best for their members. This also includes some new character friends along with ensuring that members get a wide variety to select from as soon as they arrive.

Among the toys listed for sale are teddy bear, dollhouse, and motorized dinosaur. There are Jedi Master Lightsabers from Start Wars Episode VII offered for $38.99 that makes battling clash sounds and lights-up in various colors. Princess & Ice Castle Dollhouse and Disney Frozen Ultimate Olaf are offered for $99.99 and $42.99, respectively. The one from Disney is an animated character that speaks, sings, dances and spins whereas the other one is a dollhouse that has three floors and stands 4 feet tall. There is something for engineering fun called Kinetic Sand that does not dry and allows kids to mold and sculpt indoors. There are also Giant Plush Bears meant for all ages at incredibly all-time low prices, as stated by the BJs Wholesale Club. A lot of toys are strictly for above 5 or above 8, so do take care before you purchase.

All of these are available at In-Club as well as online at They will also deliver it to your doorstep. This year BJs have decided to remain closed all, the day on Thanksgiving Day and open at 7AM on Black Friday. The savings event shall be promoted from November 20th to November 30th and the offers stand valid through the Black Friday weekend. If there are some plans, please check in advance if something needs a purchase this season.

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