2016 Apple WWDC live: What’s the Start Time of Apple event, Siri and AI goes bigger

Every year, the giant company Apple calls thousands of developers and journalists to announce all interesting things it has been working on and the event is known as World Wide Developers Conference. WWDC 2016 is scheduled to start at 10 AM in San Francisco on Monday, June 13th.

Although there will be many exciting updates coming from Apple at the event, the big news is said to come for Siri and Al. The voice-activated digital assistant for iPhone Siri entered the market with a huge hit five years back. But Siri is lagging behind especially when other tech savvy jockey is building smart “chat bots” and performable voice-controlled home system with more challenging AI features. Now, at WWDC Apple is expected to show off an upgrade to Siri as sale of its flagship iPhone are slowing, everyone is looking for something really big from company to come.

Over the years, Siri has gained many abilities; however AI is something that is still behind and requires some key features to make up. The giant has been working of expanding Siri’s capability to work directly with third-party applications and searching for Web. At the event we will also get to see Google, Facebook, Amazon and other networks racing to bring digital services compatible for consumer’s shopping, chatting, automating and anything that makes everyday task easier.

Chris Monberg, co-founder of Boomtrain that develops artificial intelligence software for online retailers says:
“Google Now has kind of eaten their lunch.”

He believes Google Assistant, which is a personal virtual assistant just like Siri is offering more useful reminders, suggestions, and idea about weather and traffic, what to do on a night out, and pretty much anything you can think off, mainly because it keep tracks of email and other data coming from Android to further crunch with Google’s powerful servers and algorithms.

Also Amazon’s Echo home speaker has huge fan following that follows informal voice commands, and does simple things like ordering for pizza, coffee, flowers or book taxi to airport. All above mentioned major companies are dealing to bring intelligent “bots” into the voice and text-messaging services for chatting purpose.

Apple’s Siri is still competitive for people using Apple product and services. Also it is the clearest aspect of Apple’s AI program. Other rivals such as Microsoft Corp and Alphabet Inc’s Google are still racing hard in their own digital assistants. Conversely, the WWDC event is a great chance for Apple to display its technical powers.

The only challenge Apple’s Siri is facing is lack of context and accuracy when compared to Google search and it needs to improve on interactive voice response, according to Andy Yang, CEO of 500px. Another announcement that might come for Siri is about the speaker that runs on it. Bringing technology into voice assistant is the biggest battle and let’s see what’s in store of the consumers at WWDC event airing San Francisco: 10 a.m.; New York: 1 p.m.; London: 6 p.m.; Beijing: 1 a.m. (June 14); Sydney: 3 a.m.

How to watch WWDC 2016 live stream

Apple will host the WWDC live stream of the event live on its website at 1:00 PM ET on 13 June. Apple enthusiasts will be able to catch up on the latest info by the dedicated WWDC app, which is free for iPhone and iPad users .

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