Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton 2 Live Stream: Presidential Debate tonight, start time, tv channel schedule

It is probably the last chance for Trump to save his presidential campaign when he face off Hillary Clinton for the second presidential debate starting Sunday, at 9:00 PM ET, 09 October 2016 9 PM at Washington University in St. Louis Missouri.

The 90-Minute long debate with no commercial beak is co-moderated by CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC’s Martha Raddatz. Although they are experienced foreign policy reporter that are popular for covering Pentagon and the State Department, and a veteran debate moderator, second presidential debate will be extraordinary than expected.

Known for his to-the-point and sharp questions, Raddatz does excellent job of keep the candidates on topic. Previously, he has moderated both Republic and Democratic first presidential debate this election series. However, this debate will be most interesting as both candidates will have to face questions coming from audience and not from the moderator. It is a town hall-style debate.
Trump will be criticized more after the leak of hot mic audio from Trump appearance on Access Hollywood in 2005. Many republicans including Mike Pence (vice presidential nominee) are over Trump for his vulgar comments on advances Trump made toward women. But, Trump isn’t giving up easily, as he is ready to run the race and attack against Clinton.

The second presidential debate will be aired live on all major channels including CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, PBS, Univision, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, C-SPAN. Those who are looking for live-streaming can go on NBC News’s YouTube Page and on Twitter that has partnered with Bloomberg.

Clinton has already won the first presidential debate and no doubt about her being a strong debater than Trump. So, all eyes are on Trump on whether he can really turn the game around and lash out at Hillary Clinton, which is his only motive right now.

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