Clinton vs Trump: Ohio State US Election Results 2016, Prediction

The 2016 US presidential election between Republican Party Donald Trump and Democratic Party Hillary Clinton will be decided today as the voters will cast their votes.

One of the battleground states that could determine the winner is the Ohio State. With 18 electoral votes, Ohio State is one of the keys if not the key for Trump or Clinton.

Since 1960, the winner of Ohio State went in to win the elections. Thus, history can repeat itself again when it comes to the Buckeye State. In the last five previous presidential elections, Ohio State voted for the winner of the Whitehouse.

Surely, the world will be watching the election results coming from Ohio State on election night. This is a crucial and swing state the is leaning to Trump. While Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a Republican, did not endorsed Trump, the Republican nominee is gaining ground against Clinton in many pre-election polls.

Of the five polls, Clinton only has the advantage on one, in the Real Clear Politics. In the Quinnipiac, Trump is ahead by 3 percentage points, just within the poll’s margin of error. In the CBS News/YouGov survey, the GOP nominee delivers just a one percentage point lead, also within the poll’s margin of error. On the other hand, the Remington Research has Trump overwhelmingly leading Clinton with a 5-percentage-point outside the margin of error.

Given the fact that Clinton may not need to win Ohio State to win the presidency, this may be the first that a winner of Ohio State will not be elected as the president of United States in 56 years.

Election 2016 Results in Ohio State can be watched live stream on 10 TV News Live. Who will win 18 electoral votes of Ohio State?

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