Release of Super Mario Run, Nintendo Still Suffers Revenue Lag


Super Mario Run brings Nintendo’s star character to its largest audience yet, might encounter some revenue lag. Globally, Super Mario Run was realised on 15th December, which is free to try the first three levels and there is $10 charge to unlock remaining 21 stages.

The debut of Super Mario Run noted top download rankings in 62 countries and but was highest grossing game in five countries only, reported by researcher at SensorTower. Shares of the company, Nintendo dropped 5.6% in early trade in Tokyo, which swept off near about $2 billion in value. DeNA Co., which helped Nintendo to develop the game title, experienced a share price fall of 7.9%.

An analyst at Iwai Cosmo Securities Co, Tomoaki Kawasaki, said –   

“Having a fixed price tag means profit will be limited because smartphone games make big money through free-to-play features,”

“Still, the low revenue rankings, especially in Japan, may be because the game was released only” a few hours ago, he added.

The game was released at 1 PM on 15th December in New York and 3 AM Friday in Tokyo, stated Nintendo. It came seventh in revenue rankings in the U.S. and 107th in Japan, which is world’s second and third-largest app market.

The actual competition of Super Mario Run is with Pokemon Go, which pocketed more than 500 million downloads and made more than $600 million in its first three months itself, according to App Annie.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if players choose to see how much enjoyment they can wring out of those first three levels as possible before making the decision to drop $10,” said Randy Nelson, head of mobile research at SensorTower.

The possible mistake Nintendo did was by not releasing Super Mario Run for China, which owns quarter of all app revenues. Further by introducing the app first for Apple devices brought in a panic for Android users, which accounts for two-thirds of world’s 2.3 billion smartphones.

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