Jollibee expresses apology for the unwanted Versace on the Floor video that goes viral

Just after the video of one of its mascots performing unacceptable sensuous dance became viral, Jollibee Foods Corporation apologized to the public. Before it’s too late for a backlash, the company sincerely expressed it’s apology using its Facebook.

“This concerns the dance performance of our mascot talents during and internal store event (and not a kids party as earlier reported) held recently in one of our branches. Jollibee would like to apologize to the public, especially to our young fans, who may have been disappointed or offended with the said dance video of our mascot that was uploaded in social media,” the FB account said.

In the video, the Jollibee was dancing to Bruno Mars’ sensual ballad “Versace on the Floor.” It has already climbed into 4,400,000 plus views and 80,000 likes.

“We would like to clarify that the performance is a deviation from the standard mascot and party guidelines — be it for Jollibee Kids Party or internal events,” it continued.

“The Jollibee management assures the public that it will take the necessary measures to ensure that all Jollibee Mascot performances will consistently reflect the values and spirit of family, friendship and wholesome fun that Jollibee has always been known for. Thank you.”

Comments continue to add up on the said video like these:

“Former Jollibee marketing in-charge here. As per company marketing standard jollibee isnt allowed to dance that way! How can they let such happen? Yes, we too adults love the jolly bee, but we need to understand also that most of the kids look upto his wholesome image. To the jollibee store who let this happen whats wrong with you guys?!”

“Seriously speaking as per Jollibee Marketing standards this is NOT allowed. Jollibee mascot should portray wholesome image/actions. I am a former JB manager.”

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