Jollibee suffers defeat in a trademark battle against Jolliville

The Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) lost a trademark case against property firm Jolliville Holdings Corporation. JFC filed a a case after Jolliville filed for the registration of its name.

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHIL) junked Jollibee’s case, saying the names of the two companies are not “confusingly similar.”

“The decision of the BLA director [in September 2014] is incorrect and the appeal is meritorious. The appellant’s [Jolliville] mark is not confusingly similar to appellee’s [Jollibee] marks… There is no ground to prohibit the registration of Jolliville in the name of the appellant,” IPOPHIL said in its 11-page decision dated June 8.

The real state firm name was derived from the name of the company’s founder, Jolly L. Ting, added with a suffix “ville” to tell about the nature of the real state and leasing business it has. The property firm also explained the certificates of registration to the Securities and Exchange Commission that Mr. Ting had been utilizing the “Jolli” prefix since the mid-80’s.

“While appellee [Jollibee] was making it big in the food service business, so was Mr. Jolly L. Ting in the night entertainment business,” the decision read. Mr. Ting also owns night entertainment businesses around Metro Manila, such as: Pegasus, Discovery, Mega, Heartbeat, and Lexus.

Jolliville also said it is now engaged in leasing, management services, property development, land banking, waterworks, business process outsourcing and power generation.

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