Pacquiao vs Horn fight: What’s next for Manny Pacquiao?

Manny Pacquiao suffered a controversial unanimous decision that went to Australia’s Jeff Horn on Sunday. Some called the decision a robbery while others named it “corrupt”. Millions of people around the world that watched the fight viewed Pacquiao as the winner. But the fact of the matter was that three judges looked it almost the same – Horn won.

Though Pacquiao accepted the decision, still millions of Filipino fans are saying that Pacquiao won the fight. Pacquiao landed more punches but the Austalian was handed the victory. The error of the judges to give Pacquiao the win might probably allow Pacquiao to think more about his future. Without a doubt, the defeat stings him and his fans but he has to face days of contemplation about his career. Will he continue or hang his gloves and retire for real? Pacquiao announced his retirement before he ran for senator in the Philippines then went back and fight Jessie Vargas last November.

According to Brian Campbell of CBS Sports that Pacquiao is no longer looked like an elite fighter and that he is old.

“But because of the generous decision, the narrative coming out of Saturday did nothing but bury the lede. While everywhere from social media to SportsCenter exploded the constant refrain of robbery (and how corrupt this broken sport continues to be), the real story was that Pacquiao finally got old.”

There’s no doubt that Pacquiao has to make a decision in the coming weeks but will he retire? Pacquiao is 5-4 in his last nine fights, though two of those defeats were debatable. Also, Pacquiao’s last fight stopping his opponent was in 2009. Though Pacquiao is 38 years old, I believe that he was not sharp enough to fight Horn. In short, didn’t prepare exactly well against Horn.

Pacquaio’s future

Manny Pacquiao’s career doesn’t end here. Pacquiao has the right to call for a rematch against Horn that will happen probably again in Brisbane. Pacquiao knows that to end a career in a loss is a worst decision

Top Rank Bob Arum said after the fight of a possible rematch.

“There is a rematch clause and the rematch clause definitely has language that all things being OK, that it has to be in Brisbane,” said Arum.

“We’ll sit down and we’re going to figure it out.

“Maybe down the road it would be great for (Horn) to fight in Las Vegas or Madison Square Garden.”

If Pacquiao will fight again, it is better for him to take a leave as a senator to concentrate in practice and preparation. Let’s give him another chance to redeem himself.

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