SM Kids’ Fashion Denim adds Andrea Brillantes as one of the ambassadors

SM Kids’ Fashion Denim is all about creating spectacular style for any occasion as they added another trend for kids. The kids’ fashion authority this time goes to the higher level in showing how to stay ahead of the pack to the young ones.

Fresh faces and new SM Kids’ Fashion Denim ambassadors were TV drama sweetheart Andrea Brillantes is best known in the popular show Annaliza. Along with Andrea were Gimme5 members Joaquin Lucas Reyes, John Immanuel Bernardo, Grae Fernandez, and Brace Henry Arquiza are set to show youngsters how to dress up and stand out. Gimme5 have hit it big as the popular boyband in the country.

The young stars were all excited to discover the latest from a brand they have known and loved. Together, at the photo shoot the stars posed, danced, and had fun in the SM Kids’ Fashion Denim collection.

“SM Kids’ Fashion is my favorite and I wear it all the time. I’m always excited to find out what they have at the store,” Andrea said. “It’s great that they have new denim selections now. It’s very comfortable and I’ll be able to use it every day.”

SM Kids’ Fashion Denim believes that by tapping some of the country’s hottest young faces it will inspire their young followers to create their own brilliant outfit combinations. The secret to staying ahead of the rest is finding out what the latest trends are and making them work for you, just like Andrea and the Gimme5 boys put it.